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The Big Reveal... our Mural is complete

Our Purley mural is complete! Our stairway now showcases a beautiful artwork

Amy and Jo, of Two Lost Birds worked during the Easter holidays to create a beautiful mural. The central tree represents the growth of our pupils as they continue their learning journey with us. Incorporated into the mural are the House animals- Airy Heron, Earthy Bear, Firey Fox and Watery Otter. Also included our the class name animals- Hedgehog, Badger, Owl and Falcon. There are also so many other thoughtful details included in the whole piece. The design process included input from all of our pupils, who also added their handprints to the base of the mural (take a close look at the grass!). We are so proud of this awesome artwork which includes all of our ideas, brought to life by the talented Amy and Jo. Why not pop in to take in the full artwork for yourself?