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Woodland School

The idea originated in Sweden in the 1950’s and was introduced in Britain in the late 1990’s. The original name was Forest School. It is an inspirational process that offers regular opportunities to appreciate and enjoy the outdoors. Learning occurs in a relaxed environment using all of the senses. Choices can be made and risks understood and taken. The sessions happens all year round and so children should wear warm, waterproof clothing.  The ethos of our Woodland School is that children should be allowed time and space to explore, develop skills and interests and understanding through practical, hands on experience. It promotes good health and fitness and an awareness of good hygiene. It helps children’s social and communication development as they work together problem solving, developing motor-skills and coordination in a fun and relaxed environment. Children also learn a sense of personal responsibility and respect for their environment as well as developing their confidence, self-esteem and independence.