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11th October 2019

Read all about our Woodland adventures!

In the woodlands this week, we noticed that the woods are changing. It was damp, colder and lots more leaves were on the ground. We collected leaves to take them back to school as Mrs Burton needed some for her art club. Children noticed how the leaves had changed colour and that many had both green and brown parts. We discussed the changing seasons and what we might see happening in the Autumn. 

Jacob, Diyor, Rafa , Casey and Harry C made a shelter that the whole class could use if it suddenly rained. They did a great job, gathering logs and leaves to make it comfortable. Esme joined the group after working out the password and Casey used a branch to chop more logs to make a fire. Cora, Phoebe, Margaux, Phoebe and Freya also worked hard to collect lots of interesting leaves for Mrs Burton, although Margaux decided not to put a holly leaf in in case it pricked someone because she noticed it had very hard, sharp edges.  Samuel made tracks in the leaves for Harry V to follow. Poppy, Zara and Diyor made some planes, helping each other to fold the paper carefully. Many children sat and sketched the trees around them and Freya decided to make a poster showing the school values of Love, Courage and Wisdom because "it was quite cool learning about the values in Collective and when we do our prayers I think about them...". It is in our reflection area now so that we can all see it -- thank you Freya! Mrs Hodsdon