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4th October 2019

Read all about our Woodland adventures!

The woodland was dry and bright despite all the recent rain which meant we could continue all our fun activities. 

Some children completed a Pirate Scavenger hunt. Rafa found a curved branch that looked like a hook. Phoebe Tovey collected bright yellow leaves that were pieces of eight. 

Casey and Harry found sticks to make an X to mark the spot and Poppy found a feather…perhaps from a Pirate’s parrot! Two groups of children made dens and visited each other. Margaux gathered sticks to make a fire for the camp. Harry C used binoculars to find his friends. Freya, Esme and Zara played a game where they were all cats climbing the tree. Diyor, Samuel, Harry V and Poppy decorated leaves, shared chimes and hung them in the trees. Zara collected leaves on a twig whilst others threaded them through string. Samuel and Diyor enjoyed using the ball run. Mrs Hodsdon