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27th September 2019

Read all about our Woodland adventures!

We had a sunny and warm session in the woods on Monday. The ground and logs were a bit damp and this helped us in our bug hunting. 

Casey was busy finding different worms and knew that “some live in the mud and some live in the wood”. Cora worked with Poppy to make their own worksheet of minibeasts that they found including ant, spider, woodlouse and beetle. Poppy created a catchy digging song as she worked. Diyor, Harry Cl, Samuel and Jacob worked in a group digging for treasure. They found something that looked like a pipe but with more digging they found out that it was a brick. Zara and Esme used a tool to look for insects and found a flying bug. Casey and Margaux found a centipede in the fallen logs. Samuel made some excellent tracks to follow, using his foot to clear leaves. Many of the children made games following his paths. Phoebe Tig and Phoebe Tov spent time looking up into the trees taking photos and then went to take pictures of all their classmates. Harry V and Rafa spent time creating a den under the yew tree and enjoyed sitting in it and creating games. 
Mrs Hodsdon