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6th December 2019

Read all about our Woodland adventures!

This week we went on a Woodland walk with a difference. First we explored the frosty grass and benches, writing our names in the frost and discovering leaves that had beautiful frosty patterns on them. Next we walked through a woodland path which was lit with fifteen trees all twinkling with tiny lights. We had a brisk walk around the gardens of Basildon house, finding evergreen trees. Cora found a huge holly tree and Jacob noticed the yew trees. We thought about the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. As it was so cold we went into the tearoom to have out hot chocolate where we admired the paintings on the wall. Lastly we had a look at the trees inside the house that had been decorated for Christmas. They were all different and many of us chose the jewel tree as our favourite.

It was a lovely start to Advent! This was our last Woodland adventure until we will return in the Spring (after February half term). Mrs Hodsdon