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8th November 2019

Read all about our Woodland adventures!

We were glad to be back in the woods on Monday. We noticed the changing leaves and looked at how some leaves stay green whilst others were changing colour and falling to the ground. After a game of hide and seek, we began our activities which included skipping games, den building, digging for bricks, searching for slugs and worms and climbing the trees. Samuel was helped by Mrs Fisher to make a den in a new position. After resting his log against a tree, he discussed its safety before changing it to a tree where the logs could rest in the V shape of the branches - he spent the rest of the session building it with Diyor's help, making a cross using two sticks tied with string and decorating it with more green string. When he finished he told us that it was a church he invited all the children to visit the church.  Samuel became the vicar and led prayers. We prayed for trees and animals. It was a lovely reflective end to our session in the woods. 
Mrs Hodsdon